The beaches of Costa do Conde

The city of Conde is located on the south coast of Paraíba, 25 km from the capital João Pessoa. Located in the metropolitan region of João Pessoa, the municipality is known mainly by the beauty of its beaches, which are in the District of Jacumã.


The beaches of Conde starts in the North, with Gramame beach. This beach, at the mouth of the Gramame River, has houses built by fishermen in a beautiful scenery. The sand bar that crosses the River, forms a good area for swimming and palm trees give shade for those who want to rest. This is a beach paradise that few people know.


To the south comes Praia do Amor, marked by cliffs. The access is difficult but this brings the advantage of being almost a deserted beach.


The beginning of the Jacumã beach is signaled by the Pedra Furada.  A legend says that, if a couple go through under the crack, they will fall in love forever. This beach is the most urbanized and offers some shops, restaurtants and bars. Also in this beach there are small boats and fishermen working with their nets.


After Jacumã beach comes Carapibus beach, with a maceió "(where the river flows into the sea forming a freshwater lake) which is another sought-after stopover. Carapibus has cliffs and also, further to the south, are the natural pools.


Praia de Tabatinga has two maceiós, cliffs and coconut palms. There are stretches with open sea and coves, heading south. This is a place indicated for those who enjoy unspoiled beaches.


Coqueirinho is a popular beach. There are bars and restaurants. On the beach there are many coconut palms and two natural canyons, with coloured stones.


With just 600 meters in length and with cliffs that reach up to 20 meters high, the beach of Tambaba is the first on the northeastern region for naturists. There is another part for those who do not want to take their clothes.


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